Best Personal Injury Lawyers in New York

How do you choose the best personal injury lawyers? How do you narrow them down and pick one and know that that one is the perfect fit for your legal concerns?

Personal injury is no joke and as much as possible, the person injured should be compensated by the person who has exercised negligence or malpractice. A personal injury case is a legal discord involving someone who has been physically injured and someone else is at fault. An example would be when a visitor gets a broken leg for tripping over a loose wire in your property. The person at fault would be the property owner.

Although these cases can be brought to court, some are settled without filing a lawsuit. This means that there can be an informal settlement between the one at fault and the one injured. When a settlement is reached, both parties agree to not bring the matter to court through some negotiation or mediation. To make a settlement legal, the clients, together with their lawyers meet and sign a contract to put the matter to rest.

However, some personal injuries are so pressing and damaging that the client is pushed to file a lawsuit. This is called a formal lawsuit wherein the victim (therein will be called plaintiff) files a suit against the person at fault (the defendant). In cases like this, you would need the perfect personal injury lawyer for you who will protect your interests at all costs and would know the procedures in winning your claim.

So how do you find that perfect lawyer that suits you? Here are some tips:

1. List down the criteria for a good personal injury lawyer.

This should be your first step because it directs you as to who and what you should look for. Without these criteria, you would just be randomly looking for a personal injury lawyer that you’re not even sure is up to the right standards. The things you should look for should be their focus, their resources, and their reputation.

1. Area of focus

You should choose a lawyer whose specialization is solely personal injury. Yes, it is impressive for a lawyer to have experience and knowledge on a lot of different cases, but you stand the risk of having a lawyer that is a jack of all trades and master of none. Your lawyer might also end up not prioritizing your case because so many different cases and lots of expertise is required to fulfill the other cases he has.

2. Their resources

A little bit of research and observation should be done here. To ensure that your case wins or that it is being given much attention to, you would have to choose someone who has enough resources to defend you. This means, their law firm or his/her law firm should have the proper investigators and lawyers to help you get ready for a case if ever it does go to court. If it is a court appearance you are facing, a good personal injury lawyer should be able to give you the time and practice you need for a deposition or an interrogation on the stand. However, you will not know this until you hire them, so if you are not sure if they have the right resources, you can ask their previous clients and ask them how their experience was.

3. What kind of reputation does this lawyer have?

In personal injury cases, most of the time the other party tries to run away from court by offering you a settlement. Settlements can be tricky because you can be manipulated by the insurance company or by another individual to take an offer that is way below what you are supposed to be paid. You do not want this scenario to take place at all so look for a lawyer who has a reputation of not settling for low compensation. They should be known for going to court if need be and they should have a good track record (in short, they should be winning cases).

A good personal injury lawyer will not be afraid to make your ground his ground and have the bravery to face a jury. Your lawyer should also have a demeanour that can intimidate because big companies would force you to accept a settlement. Your lawyer should be known not to fold during these situations.